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Bring Your Dog To Work Day

June 2022

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To celebrate national Bring Your Dog to Work Day, we sat down with Strand’s resident hound to discuss all things Hugo. 

Hugo, how long have you been at Strand PR? 

Since I could be relied on not to pee in the office – apparently that’s a bit of a no-no. And I have to admit I’ve never seen any of my colleagues squatting on the rug.  

What is your role? 

I’ve never been told officially, but I believe I am in charge of morale and mental wellbeing. I was born with this innate talent to put a smile on everyone’s face. And it goes without saying that I am the best-loved member of the team. Everyone loves a bit of Hugo time. 

Who were your biggest inspirations growing up? 

I loved Lassie. She was my kind of gal – strong, brave, so intelligent. We could have made beautiful puppies. 

Hugo, you do realise that Lassie was actually a male? In fact, several males?  

What! No! Really? Oh, my goodness. Seriously? That’s awkward. OK, well, in that case…Snoopy…he’s a male dog, yeah? He had a great attitude to life. He never got stressed and I can relate to his laid-back approach.

Do you have plans to climb the career ladder? 

No, not at all. My paws would keep slipping off the rungs. 

What is the best part of your day? 

I love the morning because I have a little nap, but the afternoons are great too – because I have a little nap. 


Was that your proudest moment? 

Training my human to give me a treat every time I go outside to the toilet. Once I refused to come back in until she produced the doggy bickies – and now I do it every time.  

Why should people take their dog to work?  

Why not? It’s a win-win. Time spent with a dog is never wasted. My human loves me; my colleagues love me; the clients love me… and I love them. I’m like a furry black stress ball. 

You’ve worked with Strand PR for some time now, why should clients work with them? 

They’d be barking mad not to. Ha, ha…a little canine humour there. Seriously, they are the dog’s bol… 

Sorry, Hugo, I’m afraid I need to cut you off there. Thanks for talking to me… 

Always a pleasure. Just one thing…Lassie…that was a wind-up, right? 


June 2022 | Julie Palmer