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Marketing on Tap

May 2020

Marketing On Tap is a service that allows you to control the amount of marketing support you need.

Launching a new product? Marketing Director on holiday? Just turn on the tap.

We have a diverse team with a wide range of experience and skills that can bring all the efficiencies of an agency to your marketing department. We don’t need holiday pay, we won’t have days off sick and you don’t need to supply us with a desk.

You get the service, the excellence, and the results that you would with a city agency, only with great human beings that truly care about your results.

Paul Chambers, PoetsIn

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Marketing On Tap in action

When asked about the benefits Marketing On Tap had brought to Bracey’s Accountants, Director Peter Bracey, said:

I don’t think it’s a luxury having an in-house marketing manager and I can say that in hindsight, with confidence. I think that if you have one individual person carrying out a role, then the only skills you can use are the skills of that one particular person.

With Strand, we have found that we have got the expertise of the whole of the Strand team which is pretty diverse.

If you have someone who is in-house, you have to deal with inevitable staffing issues, sickness, not really being bothered to turn up for work, or perhaps turning up in body but not in mind.

There are a whole host of things that you just don’t get when you can sit down with somebody, get a professional brief put together, know what you’re going to pay and get it delivered. It makes much more sense to use Strand rather than to employ your own in-house person.

What you'll receive


  • A dedicated account manager
  • Access to a full range of services
  • Private company comms group



  • Quarterly review meetings
  • Transparent fixed pricing
  • Staff training opportunities


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Why it works so well

By getting to know your business, the account manager is able to properly represent you and your brand. Marketing jargon, generic business talk and meaningless adjectives aren’t going to help you stand out from the crowd or encourage customer loyalty – which is why we spend the time learning your business so we can provide it with the right strategy.

We know you don’t want a 200-page plan that’s full of leverages and segmentations as it is ultimately a document that’s never read. You want a plan that’s going to increase awareness and revenue. We’ll structure our activities, keep in regular contact to know what’s happening on the ground and provide you with monthly reports.

What Does Success Look Like?

When all of the ‘strands’ of your marketing and PR are brought together through the Marketing On Tap service, the results are clear to see:

Web traffic from social
Online conversions
Reduction in cost per click
Increase in web form conversions