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Social media advertising

April 2020

There is a vast pool of potential customers scrolling on their mobile phones right now! Yes, now, at this very minute. And all you need to do is carefully deploy your message in front of them.

It has never been easier to have contact and regular interaction with your customers. You’d have to search pretty hard to find someone who doesn’t regularly use at least one social media platform nowadays – and, for you, that is like having all your birthdays at once.


Strand know what platforms your audience is on and how to engage them to get results

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What is Social media advertising?

The majority of social media platforms offer advertising options, paid-for posts that slip in between holiday pictures of someone you went to school with and your uncle’s angry view on a refereeing decision at the weekend.

If your business has a presence on social media, you are already organically generating awareness and potential leads. By investing some of your marketing budget into paid-for ads, you will be able to target your message to specific people, by gender, age, location, interests, rather than leaving it to chance. And the best part of it? It’s fast.

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How We Work

Audience: We know that your audience may favour Facebook over LinkedIn, or vice versa. By understanding your business we’ll know who your audience is.

Budget: We’ll come up with a budget that will allow us to get your message heard by the biggest audience.

Engagement: Engaging with those who comment on your ad is crucial to keeping your audience interested.

Analysis: By monitoring the stats of your adverts we’ll be able to see how effective your campaign is.

What Does Success Look Like?

CTR on LinkedIn InMail Campaigns
increase in post reach
decrease in CPC when compared to Google Ads
increase in website traffic

Strand PR fully understand the needs of our industry, the deadlines and the demographic. They have generated a greater visibility for our company within a highly competitive market. We could not be more pleased with the results they have achieved so far and would highly recommend Strand PR as a strategic marketing partner.

Julie Jennings