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Crisis communications

April 2020

Sadly, life doesn’t follow a carefully crafted script. And from time to time events come along that throw your plans out of the window.

But the problem is that you never know when it’s going to happen. You don’t get a text warning: “Emergency heading your way”. So, you need to be prepared for any eventuality – or your organisation could suffer.

Calm and decisive action as always!

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What is crisis communications?

Crisis communications planning is designed to protect your organisation and mitigate any harmful press. This will include the technologies, systems and protocols that enable your firm to communicate effectively during an emergency situation. From data breaches to disgruntled ex-employees, our team of former journalists can support you. It’s true that no two scenarios will be the same, but our responsive approach will mitigate any potential crisis.

We will manage crisis communications across all forms of media to give you the peace of mind required.

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How We Work

Strategy: You may already write blog entries and news items on your own website, but they probably aren’t going to cut the mustard when it comes to reaching a wider audience. A press release needs to have an engaging hook, a killer angle that everyone wants to read, whether that’s in the pages of a newspaper.
You may already know the story, but it may be that you have overlooked a line that we know will appeal to an editor. We will help turn your seed of an idea into a compelling read. And we don’t mean putting meaningless spin on it. That’s just not us.

Preparation: We will question you about what could go wrong, how it could go wrong, what action would be taken to put it right and ensure that, should the worst happen, your organisation knows exactly what it needs to do, from posting on social media to releasing pre-prepared statements to the media.

Crisis Comms Bible: We’ll provide a detailed crisis comms document that will detail how to react to any unexpected situations that arise. It is advisable to revisit it at least once a year to ensure all the information is up to date and to add or remove scenarios as required.

What if something really unexpected happens?

We are also here for you if something comes completely out of the blue. Either you haven’t put a crisis comms strategy in place – or it is something you could never have imagined happening.

We will write statements for the press, advise on your social media coverage and support you through the process until the crisis has passed, so you do not feel like you have been left to put out the fire by yourself. We will be the calming voice in the middle of the madness.

What success looks like

Every success story will depend on the situation. However, our approach results in:

  • Rapid communications with all stakeholders, where appropriate
  • Mitigated coverage
  • Media management
  • Trained spokespersons
  • Established monitoring systems
  • Development of holding statements
  • Post-crisis analysis