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April 2020

We’re fans of the ‘Six P’ rule here at Strand PR.

Perfect Planning Prevents Particularly Poor Performance. Blunt, it may be, but it’s an ethos that we live by.

A scattergun approach to your marketing may bring some results, but that will most likely be down to luck and not something you’ll be able to rely on in the long term.

How will you know when it’s the right time to run a campaign; should you be posting on social media every day, which platforms should you be focusing on, what tone should you be taking? What you need is a perfect plan so you prevent poor performance, as mentioned earlier.

No fluff or bluster – just expert planning and execution. Thank you Strand! 

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Strategy in action

We won’t create huge documents full of unnecessary fluff that never gets read. What we will do is create a strategy that works to keep your customers, staff and stakeholders engaged.

We will analyse your current marketing performance and produce a detailed report with recommendations that can be followed. Before any marketing campaigns start, it is vital to get the planning right before committing a budget to it.


What is strategy?

The dictionary definition of ‘strategy’ is “a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim”. We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. It sounds like something you would hear on the battlefield, which is appropriate as the best strategy plans will be devised with military precision.

Leave nothing to chance but at the same time be nimble enough to change tactics if the situation requires it. And the great thing about developing a strategy is everyone can be singing from the same hymn sheet. It doesn’t matter what your role is; you will know what is expected of you and when.

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How We Work?

Your targets: Not every organisation has the same goals, and we want to identify what yours are.

Strategy: This can include anything from use of social media and newsletters to online blogs and Google Ads. We’ll ensure your strategy is unique, tailored to your specific requirements.

Bespoke: This isn’t an oven glove or a pair of elastic-waisted trousers – one size certainly does NOT fit all. The strategy will allow us to be proactive, responsive and autonomous.

Working with you: We will become a part of your team and you will trust us to always act in a way that will take you closer to your end goal.

What Does Success Look Like?

Our clients want a fluid document that is frequently updated and actually read and digested by key stakeholders. If you’re looking for a 200-page strategy that’s full of leverages and segmentations, we’ve found they serve a greater purpose as a doorstop. We’re succinct and deliver your objectives alongside a core strategy.

The Strand team are superb professionals, full of great ideas for developing our strategic planning with regard to raising our profile and making us much more widely known and highly regarded within the hospitality and tourism industry. We value their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm and would have no hesitation in recommending their services, although probably not to our rivals!

Judith Richards