Public Relations


April 2020

You successfully run your own business. You have studied and trained and gained experience and you’re good at what you do. But when it comes to telling the rest of the world how great your company is, you can’t find the right words.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to. Because we have people on our team who have studied and trained and gained experience in doing just that.

We know how to translate what you want to tell your existing clients and potential new customers into skilfully crafted words that will pique their interest.

From expertly-drafted website copy and engaging social media activity to headline-grabbing press releases and enticing advertising prose, Strand deliver. 

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What is copywriting?

Good question. Let’s imagine you’re a baker and you want to encourage customers to visit your shop. So, you put a post online that says “Hey, we sell bread and cakes. Come and buy some.” Do you think you’ll attract many bread-lovers to your shop? Perhaps not.

But, one of our copywriters would take that message and turn it into something beautiful that would have customers almost drooling, using carefully chosen words and a voice that appeals to what the readers want. And suddenly, you have a queue forming and the products of your labour are selling like… well… hot cakes, I guess.

You can use our copywriters to produce blog posts, press releases, email campaigns, scripts for speeches… in fact, anything where you need the power of the written word to convey your message.

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How We Work

Get to know you: We understand that every business is different so the important thing for us is to get to know you, whether that’s over a coffee or a phone call. We want to understand not just the theme of the messages you want to get across, but also the tone of voice you want to use.

Tone: Something a little light-hearted and edgy could work well for a pub, but an accountant would require us to be more professional and corporate.

Research: We will always fully research the topics, no matter how technical, so we can write with confidence and authority.

Copywriting services at Strand

Words are everywhere and while a picture can speak a thousand of them, you need the right language to elicit the right response from your potential or existing customer.

  • Engaged audience
  • Clearer messaging
  • Professional communications
  • Return on investment

Strand PR have delivered outstanding copy for numerous email marketing campaigns that we have worked on together. They have a unique ability to really understand the business and deliver messages that compel customer action. When it comes to making sure there is a strong return on investment for the client, their technical knowledge of landing page conversions and call-to-actions have proven to be key to our joint campaigns. There’s no marketing fluff, they tell it like it is, and are always full of ideas.

Jof Davies