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Media Training

April 2020

You are no doubt an expert in your field with a lot of knowledge and experience that you can pass on, but the moment a journalist puts a voice recorder in front of you, you may suddenly have a mouth as dry as the Sahara and fail to remember your own name.

Media training at Strand is all about confidence and consistency. We’ll deliver you with the tools you need to be engaging, informative but always on message.

Training by your former BBC journalist has given me the confidence to address the media and speak publically.

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Benefits of media training

Develop the ability to deliver a quotable message or sound bite that can easily be quoted by the media.

  • Avoid areas that could lead to misquotes
  • Refine strategic key messages
  • Developing relationships with reporters
  • Respond with confidence to challenging questions

What is media training?

Are you the voice of your company? Do you often get called on to provide sound bites for the media? Or perhaps it’s a one-off interview that may include some tricky questions. No matter how comfortable and confident you are within your own sphere of expertise, speaking to the media can strike fear into the most hardened business person.

But it is so important to be able to get it right. When you present yourself to the media you are representing your company, and the way you deliver your message can impact on your firm’s image.

We can help prepare you for those times you’re asked to issue a statement or are being interviewed for a topical news story. We will help provide you with the tools to ensure you can speak with confidence, be engaging but always on message, and learn to read the journalist to avoid any unexpected questions.

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How We Work

Conversation: We need to understand what level of engagement you will be having with the media.

Preparation: If you’re getting ready for a specific interview, we will talk through what questions could be asked and work with you to develop the responses. We will rehearse the questions with you, so you become confident in your responses.

Your Message: We will identify the key points that you want to convey and discuss the message that you want to communicate.

Speaking: If your role demands that you spend a lot of time interacting with the media, we will ensure you’re comfortable in front of a microphone and a camera and able to effectively communicate your desired message.

Strand is much more than a public relations outfit; they are creative, responsive, and always seem to go that extra mile. Have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Bob Edwards