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Award entry writing

April 2020

You should never underestimate the potential benefits of an industry award win. 

You can put a logo on your website, your email address and your letterheads, and your PR materials can refer to you as ‘award-winning’. It inspires confidence in your customers and gives your profile a lift. And it also feels pretty good for you and your team, right?

The awards process has been so powerful and shown us things we didn’t know about our business

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We have a 97% success rate in getting our clients to be finalists! One client who has won local, trade and national awards said: “One of my greatest highlights has been winning awards. We won what is regarded as the Oscars of the wedding industry with the help of Strand PR.”

Your business will benefit from media coverage, being able to use those logos on your website and ultimately establishing you as an expert in the eyes of your customer.

What is award entry writing?

Entering for an award is not like buying a lottery ticket; you do have to put in some effort if you’re going to stand a chance of winning. Each award and, indeed, each category, will have its own set of criteria. There will be specific questions to answer and particular information you need to submit.

And you won’t get away with simply saying ‘we had a successful year’ without backing it up with evidence that illustrates your increased turnover or profit. We will apply the same principles to your award entry that we would to any other marketing or media communication. It needs to grab the judges’ attention, to tell an engaging story and focus the message.

And that is where we excel.

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How We Work

Target: Together we need to identify the awards where we think you have a good chance of winning and then carefully read the criteria for the category or categories where your business fits.

Talking to you: We will spend a lot of time talking to you and appropriate members of your team to gather all the necessary information.

Presentation: At this point we will we start to put together the words, create graphics and select appropriate images. We will also source press clippings and website screenshots where appropriate to illustrate and give added spark to your entry.

Eye-catching: If you can imagine how many entries are received for some awards, then you will understand why we need to make yours stand out with compelling words and engaging images.

And once it has been submitted, then you can send your dinner jacket or gown off to the dry cleaners so you’re ready to rub shoulders with the glitterati on your big night.

Strand look at your business with the experience of being former journalists and reaching the heart of the story. If you say your USP is customer service, they’ll make you prove it or show you how to. We found the entire experience refreshing and insightful. Oh, and we won!

Samantha Weston