Public Relations

PR strategy

April 2020

You want people to recognise you and your brand, not necessarily merely because they’ve seen an advert for your latest product, but because they have read good things about you in the press, either in print or online.

Advertising is a great way of telling your customers about a new product or offer; PR has a long-lasting effect and can present a very positive perception of your organisation.

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What is PR strategy?

You may not necessarily know what makes a good story, and even if you do, do you know the right people to talk to? Would you then know how to ensure that story appears in front of the right audience? If the answer is yes to all of the above, you can skip the rest of this page and go have a biscuit…

A PR strategy will assist you in planning your PR activities.

It will identify the key messages and the people who need to receive them. It may not just be about sharing your news and increasing your brand awareness in the public domain, but could also involve internal communications, keeping your own staff informed of developments. A well-planned strategy will guide your PR and not leave anything to chance.

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How We Work

Your goals: What are your goals when it comes to PR? Together, we’ll identify your targets and which strategy will be most effective in achieving your goals.

Knowledge: We have years of experience in knowing what will hit the pages of a newspaper and what will be spiked. We have done our research; we have media reports showing us what worked and what didn’t. And we will use that knowledge to develop a plan for your business that will take the right message and put it in front of the right people.

Contacts: We have an extensive contacts list for trade and local media. Your story will be targeted to specific publications who will know that a release from Strand PR can simply be copied and pasted.

What Does Success Look Like?

A public relations strategy will give you peace of mind in knowing that regular proactive comms are being issued. It will also allow time for larger stories to be planned and resources allocated. As PR is an ever-changing reactive function, we balance that with a strategy to enable clarity for all stakeholders.

Strand PR is a great company to manage your PR needs. They take time to understand their clients and work on developing a relationship. Every industry is different in terms of its target market; it’s important to understand what your target market is and what tools you can use to attract them. Strand PR can help you design a campaign that meets your needs. Further, people at Strand PR are lively people and great to deal with. If you have an idea, it is worth a conversation with Strand PR.

Ahmed Niaz, chartered accountant