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April 2020

You’d love to see your business mentioned positively in the press, but you just don’t know how to make that happen.

Well, we do.

We have former journalists on our team and, with that, a whole lot of experience of the industry and how it works. By understanding what it’s like in a busy newsroom, we’re able to craft press releases that editors find hard to resist.

Whether your message is targeted at local press or trade media, we will use our knowledge and experience to make sure it hits the mark.

The results to date have been phenomenal coverage in our target publications

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Redwood Bank

Objective: Raise awareness of the UK’s first business challenger bank to be ‘born in the cloud’

Process: Deliver a PR strategy and messages document to guide the delivery of news stories

Result: Positive coverage in target SME and broker media

What is a press release?

You may already write blog posts and news items on your own website, but they probably aren’t going to cut the mustard when it comes to reaching a wider audience. A press release needs to have an engaging hook, a killer angle that everyone wants to read, whether that’s in the pages of a newspaper or magazine or on a website.

You may already know the story, but it may be that you have overlooked a line that we know will appeal to an editor. We will help turn your seed of an idea into a compelling read. And we don’t mean putting meaningless spin on it. That’s just not us.

And if you don’t know the story, we’ll find it for you through chatting about your business and proactively looking for a captivating read. What we won’t do is circulate meaningless puff.

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How We Work

Listening: We love to write but we also love to listen. In fact, listening to our clients is one of the things we do best.

Your message: Once we know what you want to achieve and the message your business wants to get out, we’ll then make sure it gets out to the world.

Working with you: We are an extension of your team, sharing the same ethos and beliefs, and we want to achieve the best results we can for you.

What Does Success Look Like?

One client had their first Strand PR news story picked up by 112 news outlets, achieving coverage worth over £195,000 with a reach of 7,224,972.

We are talking results.

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As a Fleet Street-published journalist and commissioned author of two best-selling books I have the utmost respect for Laura and Strand PR. They are top-quality professionals, 100 per cent reliable, and have provided me with exceptional stories over the years. Their bubbly and inquisitive nature, allied with an impressively serious commitment to her trade, means they are completely suited to the task. She and Strand are not your typical PR people – which is the highest praise I can give as a journalist. I cannot recommend Laura highly enough. Quite simply she is superb.

Layth Yousif