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Social Media

April 2020

Everybody is on social media, so why not take your business directly to them? As a business you should be celebrating having access to this incredible audience and making the most of it.

You probably recognise the benefits of using social media, but struggle to know how to use it for maximum exposure. Our team can help you to navigate the maze of platforms using tried and tested methods to ensure your posts are taking the right message to the right people.

The social media service from Strand has increased our revenue by at least 40%

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What is social media?

Social media is inescapable. It can govern our lives and, for many, has replaced actual human interaction. Millions of people wake up and before they have even got up to make a cuppa, they have checked their profiles. Platforms are growing and changing constantly but the most popular across many sectors are often Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram and LinkedIn.  That’s not to say your audience wouldn’t appreciate your Snapchat or TikTok profile.

How we work

We will talk with you and help you to identify the platforms that will work best for you. Using the knowledge we have gained with previous clients, we will put together a social media schedule, targeting your posts for the best time to reach the right people. We will discuss the tone you want to use in your posts, whether that is light-hearted, chatty or more formal.

So, what’s the difference?

What success looks like

For one hospitality business, during the first four weeks of the Coronavirus lockdown, we achieved the following results on their Facebook page...

We used Strand PR to help build our presence on social media, to showcase some of our work, and ultimately to generate more leads and sales. We had spent money on PR and social media before but didn’t get any business out of it. We are very happy to say that since we’ve started using Strand PR, not only are our social media channels now something to be proud of but we have actually generated thousands of pounds worth of business from it. A clear strategy and plan have been defined and our posts are engaging and we are now reaping the rewards – all thanks to Strand PR.

Rahul Joshi, cyber and information security professional