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April 2020

Having a website in this day and age isn’t a choice for a business, it’s a necessity. The choice is in what you want your website to look like and what you want it to say and do.

Your website is your shop window. It’s the face of your business. It has to say what you are, who you are, and whether you’re worth spending time and money with.

Do you want your shop window to have cracked glass, dusty shelves and spelling mistakes on the signage? Or do you want your shop window to instantly catch the eye and make someone walk in?

They don’t confuse you with tech jargon and deliver a site that actually works!

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Cheap Storage Limited

Objective: Develop a responsive website that increased organic enquiries and conversions.

Process: The site was designed mobile-first to suit the needs of the target customer. Whilst design and structure are key, the content was approved first and then the structure of the site built around the copy.

Result: Increase of 470% in website visitors and a 154% increase in enquiries through the website.

What is web design?

Aside from looking good, the most important thing your site needs to do is work. It must provide the best possible user experience, because if there are functions that do not work, the customer will go elsewhere.

When you’re on the web – be it for shopping, news or whatever – if you can’t find what you’re looking for, struggle to navigate your way around, or dislike the way a message is delivered, you’ll more often than not just go elsewhere.

At Strand PR, we’re able to create a website that allows customers and clients to efficiently find what they are looking for.

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How We Work?

Planning: Tell us about your business and what you want to offer through your website.

Layout: We will work with you to devise a sitemap, identify what pages you need, and how those pages will be presented.

Support: We don’t want to meet you once and then only speak to you again at the end of the project. We’ll be in regular contact throughout the process, allowing you to provide feedback at any point.

I was a Marketing Manager in Hitchin when I was tasked with re branding the company, including an entire reworking of the website from scratch. Strand PR was the digital agency that not only worked with me to create a thing of beauty, but also ended up as my creative sounding board in an otherwise non-creative environment.

Paul Chambers