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Email Marketing

April 2020

One of the quickest and easiest ways to contact customers or prospects with news and offers is with email marketing.

Email marketing can be an effective marketing tool in maintaining awareness of your business by offering your customer news, tips, and exclusive offers.

Strand have handled all of our communications to our clients in a fast, imaginative and professional manner

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What is email marketing?

In short, it is an email that drops into your inbox containing business news and updates after you have signed up to a mailing list. Companies like to use them to connect regularly with their customers, to keep them engaged and to inform them with a view to driving sales. E-newsletters can help present you as an expert in your field with links to your industry-focused blogs or they can have a more light-hearted approach. It depends on your company’s tone of voice and how you want to engage with your subscribers. But the main purpose remains the same – to increase your bottom line. Email marketing to new audiences works in a very similar way. Crafting your message to a new audience to spark engagement and drive sales.

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How We Work

Passion: We love e-newsletters! They are personal and effective, and help you build a relationship with your customer base.

Software: Our team are skilled across a variety of software platforms, which not only allows us to create eye-catching templates, but also lets us track the e-newsletter with all the stats around how many people opened it and when. This information is important in developing a strategy for future emails.

Catchy Content: You tell us what the key message of the e-newsletter is and we will write the content and include it in the agreed template. Is there a specific service you want to highlight, do you have news to share, or perhaps there is an offer that is exclusive to subscribers?

What success looks like

Achieving your objectives. That could be cross-sales, direct marketing, brand awareness or increased content engagement. Email marketing is often used alongside other marketing and communications strategies.

Strand have handled all of our communications to our clients in a fast, imaginative and professional manner. Many of our clients have contacted to say how impressed they have been and to thank us for the information we have been regularly providing. Thank you so much for helping us.

Sharon Mordecai, Managing Director of Modina Bookkeeping and Payroll