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Google Ads

April 2020

Putting your product or service in front of the people you want to do business with would have felt like utopia not so very long ago. Google Ads is one of the most cost-effective, measurable ways of tracking how your advertising is working.

Expert-led PPC campaigns put your product or service in front of the right person, not just everyone. Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness in your area, or be ahead of your competitors, digital advertising has a template for every kind of business.

We now see just over 50% of our customers finding us through Google.

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Bracey's Accountants

Objective: Raise awareness of UK offices, specialist services and increase customer enquiries and, ultimately, conversions.

Process: Audit of existing PPC campaign, creation of new landing pages, split testing, optimisation and bid strategy.

Result: The firm immediately benefits from a 104.8% increase in conversions and a 29.7% reduction in the average cost-per-click.

What is Pay-Per-Click?

You’ll have noticed when you do a Google search that entries appear at the top or bottom of the page marked Ad. These companies have paid for that prime position and have been put in front of you based on the keywords you searched for.

Simply put, you bid on keywords/audiences that you wish to target for your products or services. You will only pay once someone clicks, views or interacts with your advert. These adverts are placed in prime spots on search engines, in social media feeds and users’ inboxes.

Google receives over 3.5 billion searches a day, Facebook holds 44 million user profiles in the UK and two million posts are sent on LinkedIn every day. All this activity translates into user data that can be targeted via PPC.

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How We Work

Knowledge: Anything relating to Google and the internet looks simple at the front end, but behind the scenes all manner of wizardry is going on. Luckily for you, we have brains on our team who understand the inner workings of Google Ads.

Planning: We will work with you to set up an account and help you understand the principles. We will discuss what your objective is and design a campaign accordingly. It is very simplistic to say you want to increase sales, but there is more to it than that; along the way you may want to grow awareness of your brand, encourage people to sign up to a monthly newsletter, or generate leads.

Analysis: Unlike other forms of advertising, you will receive relevant stats that will shape your future campaigns and we will be there to ensure your ad is being seen by the right people.

What Does Success Look Like?

For one technology client, within two months of taking over their PPC campaign, we achieved:

Increase in PPC conversions
Decrease in average cost per click
Increase on number of pages per session
Decrease on paid traffic bounce rate

Icknield Forge Limited needed more sales and so Strand PR discussed with us all the appropriate options and tailored the offering to our needs and budget. The impact was pretty much immediate and we saw a huge step-change in the number of people wanting our services. Note that we only scratched the surface of what Strand PR can do. A professional, friendly and conscientious company. Highly recommended.

Ronnie Shipman