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Free training for redundant journalists

November 2023

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An award-winning PR agency has stepped forward to help support journalists facing redundancy as Reach plc culls more than 300 editorial staff. 

Strand PR, a Hertfordshire agency with former reporters on its team, is offering a free workshop to those considering moving into PR and marketing to show how their skills can be transferred. 

We want to show journalists there is life after Reach

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Laura Pearce, managing director, said: “PR is often viewed as ‘the dark side’ by journalists, but we have team members who have successfully made the switch from newspapers, TV and digital media to forge successful careers, using their experience and skillset in a different arena. 

“It is shocking to see just how many editorial staff have lost their jobs and dream careers over the past year, and we want to show them there is life after Reach.” 

Editorial manager at Strand PR is Julie Palmer, former senior editor at Herts and Essex Newspapers and executive editor at Cambridge News, who left journalism in 2018 after 38 years to switch to marketing. 

She said: “When I was becoming disillusioned with newspapers and the general direction of travel, I struggled to see which sector I could move into. Local press was all I had known and I can understand why some of those being made redundant are probably feeling the same way. 

“It took me a while to realise that I had transferable skills that were relevant away from newspapers. Now I am enjoying a fantastic second career continuing to do what I love – writing, editing and thinking creatively.” 



Strand PR is planning a one/two-hour workshop for journalists to illustrate how their abilities can be used in a different direction. The online session will be hosted on Teams on Thursday, January 11. If you are interested in joining, please contact info@strand-pr.co.uk. 


Founded in 2012, Strand PR is known for its no-nonsense marketing and clear communications, successfully leveraging the experience of its former journalists to achieve national and regional coverage. 

November 2023 | Adam Mclaughlan