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Julie puts best foot forward for Dementia UK

April 2023

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Our Editorial Manager is not averse to a charity challenge or two. 

Over the years, Julie Palmer has completed three Great North Runs, abseiled from Lister Hospital, the Tyne Bridge and the ArcelorMittal Orbit in the Olympic Park, as well as ziplining from Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge and performing 100 squats a day for a month – all with the aim of raising money for causes close to her heart. 

So, when she spotted a Facebook ad to walk a mile every day through May in aid of Dementia UK, she saw it as a way to raise awareness of a condition that effects many families, as well as helping raise money to fund specialist nurses to provide much-needed support. 

She said: “I don’t think there are many families who haven’t been touched in some way by dementia. It is an incredibly cruel condition. My mum-in-law has been diagnosed with it and a close friend is coming to terms with the fact her mum may have it. 

“I like to set myself a challenge from time to time, so this seemed perfect – although maybe a little too easy.” 

Julie, who regularly walks her cockapoo Badger up to two miles a day, was considering how she could make the challenge a little more … challenging, when fate stepped in. 

Or rather, Julie stepped out…and fell into her garden. 

Paramedics were called, neighbours twitched curtains and her wife took photos. A quick trip to A and E revealed a chipped ankle bone and ligament damage and her desire for a greater challenge was realised. 

“I have to wear a boot – christened Beatrice Montgomery-Williams by my caring colleagues who have not seen the funny side of the situation at all – for around three weeks. It is definitely going to make walking a mile a bit trickier. 

“The furthest I’ve managed in the past few days is about 350 yards. But I have already received some incredible donations from family and friends and I refuse to let anyone down. So, rain or shine, Beatrice and I will be fulfilling our commitment to Dementia UK.” 

If you want to sponsor Julie or Beatrice

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April 2023 | Laura Pearce