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Learn how to generate free publicity

August 2021

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Sending out your own press releases is a free way of raising awareness of your business. And when it comes to media coverage, it’s arguably better than advertising because stories published by local, regional or industry news websites and papers represent third-party endorsement. So, it’s not you saying how fantastic your business or service is, it’s basically somebody else saying it. 

The art of third-party endorsement

But how do you do it, how do you establish what’s going to grab the attention of journalists, how do you angle a press release, how do you even write one, where do you start, what do you do with the press release when it’s drafted? What do you do with the coverage you’ve achieved? 

That’s where we come in, and more specifically this workshop. Join us and learn from an expert with a proven track record of success. 

Learning objectives

  • Gain an understanding of news and PR 
  • Learn how to write a press release 
  • Learn how to build a tailored distribution list and how to send your press release out 
  • Learn how to amplify your coverage through digital 

Register now

Where: Hatfield House

When: Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Members: Available to both Hertfordshire Chamber members and non-members.

Join Laura Pearce, Managing Director at Strand PR, for this Chamber workshop by registering here.

August 2021 | Adam Mclaughlan