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Make the switch to GA4

July 2022

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Marketers love data. We love data. Everyone loves data. 

So, imagine, just for a second, how you would feel if that data suddenly went … pfffttt – and disappeared in a cloud of smoke. 

If you don’t make the switch to the new version of Google Analytics, that’s exactly what is going to happen in just 12 months’ time. 

The majority of digital specialists on marketing teams will be aware that GA4 is the new kid on the block – but, not everyone is aware that making the switch from GA3 (Universal Analytics) needs to be treated as a priority. 

What is GA4?

We’ve all heard of Google Analytics. Over the years Google has changed and updated its free tracking platform. Currently we are on version three – GA3 or Universal Analytics – but the first new iteration in 17 years is now being rolled out – GA4. 

The new edition has been developed on the back of various regulatory changes, like GDPR, with privacy at the centre. Changes to third party cookie tracking has also made it necessary for an update to how data is collected. 

How is it different?

We’ve had a look at the GA4 interface, and the first things you’ll notice is that Universal Analytics gives you different reporting views – 25 to be exact but GA4 has just one. There is an option to create new views that you can use in place of filtering in the current system. 

But aside from the visual change, it’s the measurement model where the real differences lie. Universal Analytics was based around sessions, page views, transactions etc; in GA4 this changes to events. The good thing about this is that you’ll actually end up getting more data – always a good thing. The new system will register everything a user does as an event, creating lots of helpful numbers. 

What do I need to do?

To avoid losing existing data when Universal Analytics shuts down, you need to set up GA4 sooner rather than later, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all system, so you need to look at the various accounts you are currently tracking.  

It’s recommended that you don’t make a complete switch to GA4, but integrate it alongside Universal Analytics. Development of GA4 hasn’t yet been completed, so having the two versions running concurrently will ensure you don’t miss out on certain capabilities. 

How we can help

Google has helpfully created a 12-step guide to take you through the process with clear instructions to help you seamlessly integrate GA4. But, like assembling flat-pack furniture, while the instructions make it look easy, the reality is misplaced screws, doors on back to front and many, many arguments.  

The alternative is to seek help from someone who knows an allen key from a flat-head screwdriver…and it’s the same with GA4. Talk to us to find out how we can help you make the transition without losing any key data.



We will: 

  • Create and configure GTM container 
  • Install GA4 
  • Configure all events and conversions 
  • Create your remarketing audiences and segments 
  • Test and deploy 

Remember, it is better to make a timetable to do it as soon as you can. From July next year, Universal Analytics will no longer be counting your numbers and that could mean you missing out on important data. 

The clock is ticking… Give us a call on 01763 274674

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July 2022 | Adam Mclaughlan