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National Pet Month – meet Hugo

April 2020

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Hi… Hugo here. I have been asked to pen a few words by my boss for the company website. I think she’s my boss, anyway. I’m in the office with her everyday and she tells me what to do. So, in that respect her being my boss makes sense.

I love having Hugo in the office. It’s amazing the difference he makes to your day! 

Eliza Pearson

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But, what I find confusing is the fact she takes me home every night and I get to sleep on her bed (not that she notices – I always slip away quietly before she wakes up), and I’ve never noticed her doing that with any of my colleagues.

I’m not complaining, though. I don’t know what the others in the office do when they’re not working, but I’m pretty happy with my lot.

Just to put you in the picture, I’m a two-year-old black Labrador/Springer cross. Given my age, even in human years, I’m not convinced it is legal for me to be working, but as long as I’m not on PAYE (Play As You Earn), the authorities shouldn’t find out.

My day starts quite early. I’ve discovered if I spend an hour or so chasing pheasants, eating dead rabbit carcasses and generally giving the boss a good morning workout, it helps me sleep better once I arrive at the office.

I sort of fell into marketing and PR but it seems I’m quite good at it. Whenever my handsome self is included on a staff photo the reaction from the public can be quite overwhelming. And if people don’t remember any one of my colleagues, obviously they will remember me.


What do I do in the office? Well, my role is varied. One of my regular jobs is to check my colleagues are in. I think the boss struggles to keep track of them as she is always asking ‘Where’s Eliza?’, ‘Where’s Adam?’. I go off and find them and then she is happy. She must be worried about losing them.

I am also an unofficial doorman and like to greet everyone on their arrival. I am having to learn to lower my voice; the postman especially seems to get a shock when I try to give him a morning ‘hello’. I am not sure I understand, though, as I have been greeting him the same way for years.

I have undergone a lot of training here at Strand. In fact, I would say the training programme is exceptional. I have learnt some incredible skills, including the ability to balance a treat on my nose and then catch it in my mouth. That was part of an intense course, but there were a lot of snacks provided.

Can I see myself staying with Strand? Oh, definitely. The rewards for me are huge, and I don’t just mean the tangible ones – although, I do have to say, the pay is amazing and always very tasty. But, for me, it’s the work-life balance. I know some companies would frown on their workforce falling asleep on the job, but I am positively encouraged to do it. In fact, now I think about it, the boss seems to prefer it that way.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with my PR people.



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