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December 2022

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Let’s talk outsourced marketing. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all be experts in everything? Sadly, that is never the case and we rely on the expertise of others to support us in our work and home life. 

Broken tap? Call in a plumber. 

Lights on the blink? Time for an electrician. 

Car won’t start? Alert the garage. 


We work with business of all sizes with a big difference in budgets, and we work with them to tailor a package that creates the right solution for them.  It’s like Hartlepool United signing Lionel Messi…

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And even if we learn the basics of plumbing, the electrics or fixing a car, there will always be someone who has a greater knowledge and can do the job better, more efficiently with more effective results. 

Business owners try to surround themselves with the right experts to make them productive and profitable, but there will always be restrictions – maybe the budget isn’t there to hire someone or finding the right person is proving difficult. 


Work with the best people

That’s when businesses should consider outsourcing to external experts.  

Let’s look at marketing, an area we know a bit about. 

Marketing is key to any business – there is no point being great at what you do if you’re not telling the world. But marketing is a huge beast, encompassing advertising, communications, digital strategy, social media and many more strands. 


If you’re a small or medium-sized business, your budget may allow for one marketing person – but will their knowledge and expertise stretch across all the disciplines? They might produce great press releases, but can they analyse your spend on Google Ads? Creating imaginative social media posts may be their forte, but what is their knowledge of SEO? 

The result is an overwhelmed employee who is trying to juggle many balls and not being very effective for your business or their own personal development. 


The right solution for you

The answer? Outsource to an agency. 

 Instead of having one flustered employee who is simultaneously trying to obtain coverage in the local media and optimising your webpage,

you will have a team of dedicated professionals, each specialising in a different area of marketing. 

You will receive the best support for your business, with tangible benefits in terms of enquiries, new customers and a growing reputation. 

Count the benefits

The benefits of outsourced marketing and working with an agency include: 

  • Service flexibility – one month you might want a number of press releases; the next, the focus could be on a new digital ad campaign.  
  • Team work – instead of hiring just one all-rounder, you have multiple skills for the same monthly outlay. 
  • A budget that works for you – not everyone has thousands to put towards their marketing each month, but an agency will provide the most effective services for your available outlay. 
  • Working with the best – agency staff, particularly here at Strand PR, have honed their skills so they are at the top of their game.

We work with business of all sizes with a big difference in budgets, and we work with them to tailor a package that creates the right solution for them.  

At the end of the day, working with us would make you feel like Hartlepool United signing Lionel Messi.   

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December 2022 | Julie Palmer