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Should I open a Facebook shop?

August 2020

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A new tool to help businesses sell to Facebook users has been launched early in the UK to help retailers battle the difficulty of COVID-19.


Live Shopping

Initially launching on mobile, business profiles can ‘open’ their online shop on Facebook and Instagram, with features including:

  • Merchandising templates for collections
  • Brand story feature
  • Customisable fonts and colours
  • Payments via eCommerce giants like WooCommerce

Is has also been confirmed that Facebook will be introducing a customer feedback tool, where they can get in instant contact via Whatsapp, Messenger and Instagram Direct.

With teased features such as live shopping and social loyalty programmes, a user will no longer be required to leave the platform to make a purchase.

Perfect timing

With non-essential shops and small businesses forced to temporarily close earlier this year, having a seamless online purchase experience went from optional, to a necessity, overnight. According to the Office of National Statistics, clothing store sales dropped by 34.8% in June when compared to May, 2020.

At the same time, online sales achieved record sales, dominating 22.3% of the total market. Retailers who had yet to create an online market lost out to eCommerce kings who heavily advertised their ‘business as usual’ situation via various different platforms.

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Should I set up a Facebook Shop?

It’s easy to assume retailers have the time and imagery resources in order to set up Facebook Shop, but in reality, many do not possess HD shots of each product.

The shop will no-doubt help your customers to shop with ease, but so will your competitors page who may be one-step ahead by advertising their Shop via Facebook Ads.

You must be prepared to spend time on capturing and creating the right shop front, and actively posting to your Facebook page to help build your social presence.

Just like on the high street, people will avoid empty shops, so by making customers engage with your content, others may follow suit.

How much does it cost?

Currently, the feature is free to set up, although when the UK version allows payments to be made on the app, businesses are likely to be charged a transaction fee. Also, if you’re completely new to the social platform, you’re unlikely to be competitive without a Facebook Ad campaign to boost your products.

Ready to test it out?

Our best advice is to consider your target audience. You may already be set up on Etsy and meeting sales targets each month, so time is better spent on what’s currently working. Many business owners waste time trying to be everywhere online, when success can be found just by choosing the right place. For brick and mortar shops, this could be the answer to your troubles when making an online sale and should be considered as soon as possible.

To get help with setting up your online shop, speak to our team today on 01763 274 674.

August 2020 | Julie Palmer