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Social Media: What can we do for you that you can’t do…..for you?

November 2020

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There are some people that like to present social media management and social media engagement as a lion that only they can tame. They will talk to you about the complex nature of hashtags, follower charts, post analytics, sales templates, and how the 🥳 emoji will increase engagement by 16% when posted on a Friday afternoon if wearing odd socks.


Now, while we’re not questioning the legitimacy and benefits of all of the above – with the exception of the odd-sock thing – the truth is that social media management is something you can do yourself. A bit of research, a YouTube video or two, and a look at how your peers go about things, and off you go.

It’s the same story when it comes to cutting your own hair, changing a car’s cambelt, or performing a dental procedure on a tiger with hay fever, just because you technically have everything you need to get the job done doesn’t mean you should do – and one slip and you’re in big trouble.

There’s no doubt you’ll have your own social media accounts, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, so you’ll have a grasp – whether loose or firm – of how it all works. So, rather than handle your company’s social media accounts yourself, or ask a member of your team to take 30 minutes a week to post a few pictures on Instagram and a blog to LinkedIn, why should you enlist the services of an agency such as ourselves to do it for you?

It’s our world

While we have no doubt that you’re an expert in your particular field, both metaphorically and literally for any readers working in agriculture, we have members of our team who eat, sleep and breathe social media. They know exactly what people want to see, what they engage with, and how to use that knowledge to deliver our client’s message direct to the people.

We’ll find your crowd

When it comes to building an audience, there are some who go for quality over quantity. We think that having 2,000 actively engaged and interested followers is better than having 20,000 anonymous followers that have no interest in what you’re saying. We monitor the analytics of everything we do which allows us to focus on what works, giving us the tools needed to build a genuine audience that want to follow you. If your followers aren’t listening to you, it’s the social media equivalent to trying to sell something by standing in the middle of Oxford Street in London and shouting “do I have a deal for you,” – nobody listens and at some point your friends ask you to stop.


We don’t like to blow our own trumpet, and with the help of our fantastic clients we don’t usually have to – but we’re good at what we do. When it comes to social media engagement, one area in which we’re able to help our clients truly stand out from the crowd is our creativity. As well as crafting content that pushes your brand’s message in the right way, it will be presented so that people actually want to engage with it, rather than losing it in the crowded market of generic content. We don’t do generic industry posts. At Strand PR, we understand that you have to raise a few eyebrows to catch the eye.

We love language

There are lots of things we can’t do. We couldn’t rewire a house, landscape a garden, and we wouldn’t know where to start when it comes to quantum mechanics. One of the things we can do, though, is ensure everything posted from your business’ social media accounts is presented properly, reads well, uses the correct grammar, and is free from spelling mistakes. You might think the message is more important than using the correct pronunciation – and while we’d agree with you, the fact is that a spelling mistake or the lack of a comma could genuinely end up costing you a potential customer.

You’ll want to follow you

There are some times when an image, gif or video say what 100 words can’t – which is a good job for Twitter with its 280-character limit. We know how to creatively use images, gifs and videos to not only help present your brand’s message, but to also give your account another dimension and make it, well, fun to follow. Yes, it’s crucial your business account is professional at all times, staying clear of any potential controversy, but this is also a fantastic opportunity to show the public there is more to your business than what it does. Ultimately, you want your business’ social media accounts to be worth following.

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November 2020 | Adam Mclaughlan