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Tactics to boost your brand's Pinterest

July 2021

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Pinterest is fundamentally seen as a modus operandi for 14-year-old girls to plan their dream wedding theme, or mums to decorate their contemporary living room. Meanwhile, every image that is accessed on ‘Pinboards’ links to a specific website, therefore optimising traffic for many brands.
While the misconceptions about Pinterest are true in some realms, using your images and infographics on Pinterest is a fantastic and tactical way to market your brand.
So how can Pinterest help you?

Business case

Pinterest is one of the largest drivers of web traffic in the world. As every image has a link to a specific page on a website, one click can optimise your site and social media traffic. One image links to ten images, which links to ten more, so posting eye-catching pictures and infographics on your company’s Pinterest will ultimately drive traffic.

People love to learn from content and images. Taking tips, life hacks and quotes from your brand and morphing them into colourful infographics is a motive for your audience to want to learn more. This leads them to your website by searching the keywords and ideas you include.

Pinterest advantages

It reigns true that women make up most of the audience of this social platform, though you can use this to your advantage. 89 per cent of Pinners are on there with the motive of shopping trends and decisions and 85 per cent of users have bought something based on Pins they see from brands. Showcasing your best work can lead your viewers to impulse-buy.

Using related images and search analytics, it follows the latest trends to a T, so keeping up with what your target audience wants is easier than ever. The use of analytics also keeps track of your audience’s behaviour and interests. This way, no one knows your viewership like you do.

Cross-platform posting can be useful, too. The more times your image is featured online, the more times it will show up on your prospective customer’s feed. Ads are 2.3 times cheaper on Pinterest than other social media ads, increasing the efficiency of your advertising.

So, if your brand isn’t making the most of Pinterest, now's the time to start...

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July 2021 | Adam Mclaughlan