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The growth of TikTok

February 2020

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When the world of social media first became a thing, we were all happy to post text updates. Until someone realised that if you put an image with your post, more people stopped to look at it.

And, as things progressed, the way things do, someone decided to up the ante and attach a video clip to their update about what they had for dinner. And suddenly everyone was doing it because short videos, it transpired, were very engaging.

YouTube is the champion when it comes to online videos, but now there is a new kid on the block – step forward TikTok. Anyone over 30 has just asked ‘TikWhat?’ It’s time to get down with the kids and start taking notice of the hottest social media app on the World Wide Web.

In essence, TikTok allows you to post 15 to 60 second videos on the app or through the usual social media platforms. If you have heard of musical.ly, TikTok bought out that app in 2018 and it retains a lot of the feel of the previous format.

For marketers, one of the most important things to take note of is the incredible, mind-blowing growth of TikTok. It now has 800 million monthly active users worldwide.

Where musical.ly allowed its users to duet karaoke style with their favourite artists, TikTok has kept the musical overlay option. But it is much bigger than musical.ly could have ever hoped to be.

One of the reasons it has so much appeal for the under 30s is its look and feel. It’s all about self- expression and creativity. It is no longer just the domain of wannabe pop divas, but a platform for anyone looking to do something that little bit different, very often with a wacky, off-the-wall approach.

And, guess what, not only are the tweenies taking notice as the community grows, but celebrities and brands are now looking for a piece of the action.

February 2020 | Adam Mclaughlan