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Threads stitch up Elon

July 2023

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Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter has not been the success I’m sure he hoped for when he handed over his $44bn.

With worthy accounts being stripped of their well-earned blue tick, users being asked to pay for privileges and the most recent introduction of a limit to the number of Tweets anyone is allowed to read, any love for Larry the Twitter Bird has taken flight.

So, it’s not surprising that Meta, owners of Facebook and Instagram, would decide to set up a rival platform.


Introducing Threads

Threads, being talked about as the words version of Instagram, officially launched today (July 6) and reportedly had more than five million people signing up in the first few hours.

I was obviously a little late to the party when I joined just before 9am – becoming the 13,597,725th to sign up. There were already whole conversations under way, many discussing the new platform with comments like ‘I have no idea how this works, it’s kind of just chaos’ and ‘Oh god, what are we doing?’


I am sure the comments were in jest because Threads is really not rocket science – in fact, my first thoughts are, it is just a slightly cleaner version of Twitter.

Setting it up couldn’t be easier if you already have an Instagram account. You are able to keep the same username and immediately follow all the same people on your Insta. While the platform is purported to be all about words, you can still attach photos and GIF in just the same way as Twitter.



The latest challenger

It isn’t the first new platform to challenge Twitter since the Musk purchase. I signed up to Mastodon after seeing contacts using it, but I looked at it a couple of times before accepting I didn’t have the brain power – or the time – to try to understand it.

But Threads feels different in its familiarity – mainly because it has taken a very popular idea and emulated it –


why reinvent the wheel?

Will it replace Twitter? There are a lot of unhappy people with Twitter accounts, so a viable alternative that appears to do everything that Twitter does – as well as linking with other existing platforms – could be another nail in the coffin for Musk’s venture.



The end for Twitter? 

Social media managers will be adding their clients to Threads and closely monitoring its performance over the coming months.



It looks the same as Twitter, it does the same as Twitter, but it doesn’t leave the same nasty taste in the mouth.

I don’t think Elon will be a very happy man today.

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July 2023 | Julie Palmer