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Wellbeing at Strand PR

May 2023

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Strand PR is officially a GREAT place to work. Not that we were ever in any doubt, but it’s always good to hear it.

A Wellbeing in the Workplace audit completed by PoetsIN for us for a second year showed that 100 per cent of our team rate Strand PR’s culture as good or great and everyone would recommend us an employer.

Strand PR sets an enviable benchmark for Wellbeing in the Workplace across the industry.

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The past two or three years have been tough for everyone and we want to be sure we have created an environment where everyone can feel supported. This year’s audit was the second the charity had carried out for us and we were delighted with the results. 

Managing Director Laura Pearce said: “We care passionately about the people who work for us and do everything we can to create a workplace that supports wellbeing.  

“There is always someone available to talk to and we offer mental health days as part of our package for those times when someone just needs a little ‘me’ time.” 

Everyone responded to the survey that was anonymised, answering questions covering culture, wellbeing, support and workload.  


Here are some of the results from the Strand PR team:

Laura said: “I want our team to be happy because that reflects in the work we deliver for our clients.  

“PoetsIN have done a great job again in surveying all our team and collating these fantastic results. It helps give me a real insight into what people think about working at Strand.” 

In addition to the annual audit, PoetsIN delivers mental health workshops twice a year that everyone participates in. 

“We love the work the charity does and would recommend any business consider doing a Wellbeing in the Workplace audit to highlight any areas where improvements can be made.” 

PoetsIN findings...

It is encouraging to read such positive and informative feedback from the team at Strand PR. Their openness and willingness to share their thoughts is refreshing and proves the culture at Strand PR is one of honesty, transparency, and courage to speak up and participate. It is unusual to have 100% of employees complete an audit and to further have them all fill in the open text boxes with their thoughts.

“From the teams’ comments, it is clear that they feel supported and understand what support is available to them. Comments surrounding the MD are a pleasure to read; Laura indisputably ensures everyone is able to talk to her without fear of judgement and this makes sure the team has a sense of belonging, a sense of reassurance, and an overwhelming feeling of being supported. Our analysis has concluded that Strand PR is a forward-thinking, proactive organisation that cares about the overall mental health and wellbeing of the team, with this commissioned review being an example of this. Strand PR sets an enviable benchmark for Wellbeing in the Workplace across the industry.

May 2023 | Adam Mclaughlan