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Google Ad Grants Management For Charities

Do you want free advertising for your charity?

November 2022

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You could be eligible to receive up to $10,000 in advertising spend per month via a Google Ad Grant to attract new audiences and drive them to your website.

Don’t know where to start?

We can help. We will apply for the grant on your behalf and take over the management if you already have the grant in place, manage your paid advertising and monitor your ongoing performance.

We’ve seen enquiries go through the roof and knowledge of our brand increase exponentially.

Paul Chamber, Co-founder and COO

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How can Google Ads help my charity?

Google Ads can help generate donations; increase visits to your website; help deliver your message; and promote your services. The programme is designed to help people connect with causes to make a greater impact on the world.

How do you know all this?

At Strand PR we have already achieved great results. Working with creative mental health charity PoetsIN we have produced over 80,000 impressions and more than 4,000 clicks for the charity using their Google Ad Grant.

This is amazing … would we be eligible?

If you are registered with the Charity Commission HMRC as tax exempt and Gift Aid eligible and you are:

Not a governmental entity or organisation

Not a hospital or healthcare organisation

Not a school, academic institution, or university

…then, there’s every chance your charity would be eligible.

We’re in! Can you help?

Of course we can. Strand PR is proud to support a number of charities, and we’d love to have you on board. We can help you make the most of a Google Ad Grant for the discounted monthly fee of £350. If you’d like more details, give us a call and we’d be happy to help.

The impact on our mental health charity since we started working with Strand has been dramatic and effective. We’ve seen enquiries go through the roof; we’ve seen knowledge of our brand increase exponentially; and we’ve seen referrals go to a degree we’ve only dreamed of before now.

We expected a lot from them because we knew of their reputation – and it’s incredible – but each and every single time our expectations are exceeded and expectations we didn’t even know existed are laid out to us and then exceeded.

Laura Pearce is one of those types of individuals that cross your path only rarely. Ones that when they do, you should cling on to them for fear of losing the great things they bring to the table.

She’s the epitome of professionalism when she needs to be, is warm and funny when you want her to be and brings along an encyclopaedic knowledge of her craft. If you have any doubt in engaging her services, then doubt no longer and pay that woman some money. You’ll be glad you did.

Paul Chamber, Co-founder and COO

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