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July 2023

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then a video could recite War and Peace several times over.

Including video as part of your marketing strategy offers an extra layer of engagement and communication with your target audience.

Forbes reported that video assists up to 95 per cent of information retention compared to the 10 per cent retention from text.

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The benefits of video

  • Increased engagement: Video content tends to capture attention more effectively than other forms of media, allowing you to convey your message in a visually appealing and interactive way. 
  • Better information retention: People are more likely to remember and recall information presented in a video format, making it effective for conveying complex or detailed messages. 
  • Enhanced brand awareness: Videos can effectively showcase your brand’s personality, values and story.  
  • Increased conversion rates: Research shows videos can lead to higher click-through rates, longer website visits, and increased conversions. 


  • Improved SEO: Websites with embedded videos tend to rank higher in search engine results, increasing your online visibility. Additionally, videos are more likely to be shared on social media platforms, generating backlinks and driving more traffic to your website. 
  • Effective storytelling: By combining visuals, music, narration and other audio elements, you can create a powerful narrative that resonates with viewers, helping to build strong connections and brand loyalty. 
  • Demonstrating products or services: Demonstrations and tutorials can help potential customers better understand and visualise your offerings, leading to increased confidence in making a purchase. 

What can be videoed?

The possibilities are endless, from testimonials to product demos and everything in between, with the videos being shared on social media channels or the company website. You can bring your company to life in a way that words and pictures aren’t able to, inviting your viewers to see inside your business. 

Use a video to: 

  • Demonstrate how a product works 
  • Sell your brand 
  • Showcase an event 
  • Interview expert speakers 
  • Share your successes through customer testimonials 
  • Send personalised messages 
  • Instruct or explain 

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How We Work

Conversation: Everything starts with a conversation. What may be a germ of an idea can take root and grow when a discussion begins. Tell us what you would like to achieve and we can talk to you about how we can make it happen.  

Preparation: Once an idea has been agreed, a storyboard will be drawn up and agreed. Everyone involved will be briefed on the requirements for the day, whether this is providing questions in advance or simply ensuring everyone is aware of relevant timings. 

On the day: The videographer and any crew will work closely with the client to ensure the minimum disruption. Using the storyboard as a guide, they will capture all the shots for the project. 

At any time during the shoot the client can review the footage taken, to make sure all parties are happy with the results and to provide an opportunity for a retake if needed. 

How Effective is Video?

Video has algorithmic capabilities that sets it apart from alternative forms of content such as

More social shares than alternative content formats
Individual average consumption of weekly video content
Of marketers say it has a positive impact on sales
Of businesses use video as a marketing tool

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