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Ogle Models and Prototypes

June 2020

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Social media strategy, PR strategy, press releases, Google Ads, email marketing, business development.


Commissioned in 2014, Strand PR was initially tasked with elevating the brand’s profile within key trade publications. In 2020, having consistently delivered on multiple press, digital and marketing briefs, Strand acts as Ogle’s outsourced marketing and PR team.

Proactive, enthusiastic attitude and they learn about the business from the inside out to put themselves in our shoes. They are an extension of our team here at Ogle. 

Philip Martin, Director

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Introducing Ogle

Ogle is a prototyping company that has worked on some of the biggest innovations in modern society. The company has played a vital role in the development of technological advances such as cordless phones, electric cars and fighter jets since its inception in 1954.

In the last 10 years alone, Ogle has produced more than 250,000 parts for 950 different clients while its current team boasts 462 years of industry experience.

The company has invested heavily in SLS 3D printing technology, increasing capacity and allowing Ogle to produce more durable prototypes for a wider range of applications.


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The Results

In the following six months since our commission, we have:

  • Decreased the bounce rate for organic traffic by 23.05%
  • Increased the open rate on email campaigns from 11.75% to 18.30%
  • Reduced the Cost-Per-Click (CPC) on Google Ads by 41.86%
  • Achieved a 36.84% increase in pages/sessions from paid traffic
  • Cut the total costs of Google Ads by over half, whilst maintaining the level of conversions during COVID-19

We have found working with Strand PR to be quick, fast-paced as they’re like an extension of our team. They listen to our requirements and have the capacity to cover all aspects of marketing. They just get on with it and don’t hang about.

To anyone thinking of working with Strand, I’d say go for it! They really get involved and don’t come with all the usual marketing fluff to confuse you.

Philip Martin, Director


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